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Attention: Motorcycle Owners Wash and Shine – Moto-Tec it!

       Clean and Shine your Motorcycle


Hello fellow rider,

Your motorcycle gives you joy and increases your desire for living life. Your motorcycle is an extension of you, your personality, your interests and your passions.

You want your motorcycle to always look good especially when you are riding it. You have customized your bike to just the way you wanted it to look, to be unique, to be solely yours.

You are always checking on your bike after kickstands down when you stop during a ride and even at home while it is in the garage. You want to maintain and protect your ride and you know you should.  You want your motorcycle to always be clean and to shine, and when it does you have a sense of personal satisfaction. You have asked friends and scanned store shelves for just the right solution, but you haven’t found it yet.


You do everything you can to keep your motorcycle looking like new. You keep it in a garage or under some cover of protection. You try to keep it out of the elements and the bad weather as best you can. But the pollen, road grime, bugs, and those construction sites you encounter when riding like pot hole maintenance crews, you cannot control or avoid. You try to do everything you can to avoid  a scratch or ding or anything to affect your ride.

You know these issues are not good for your motorcycle especially the paint and chrome. You also know that some of the “motorcycle washing suggestions” or products on the market can do damage even when you are trying to keep it looking like new.

Previous Products

You have bought motorcycle wash products that do not do what they promise or take more time and effort than you were willing to invest. If they did work it was because of your added time and effort. You can make almost anything work because your motorcycle and how it looks is important to you.

You probably have a shelf of partially used washing and detailing products that just did not give you the results you wanted. You need a product that works for you without costing you valuable time from riding the motorcycle you have chosen to ride. You also want a product that works for you instead of you having to make the product work.

My Experience

I was at a motorcycle rally in Tennessee. A group of riders had just completed the “Tail of the Dragon” and they were cleaning their motorcycles from the ride through the low clouds, rain, and road grime. They were using a product they had never used before! No buckets, no water hoses, no real prep time, just a few towels. As more and more riders came in from the ride they wanted to use what the others were using to clean and shine their motorcycles. Their fellow riders were telling them about their first time personal experiences but they also could see the results for themselves. How clean the bikes were that had just completed the same ride and the same conditions they had encountered not to mention the shine.

They wanted to know more about the products and where and how they could get more when they got home.

They had realized, some for the first time, that although motorcycle wash products look similar the results are very different. One wash may clean but it might leave streaks, and another may clean but not shine, or offer the same UV protection.

Having products that are safe and versatile for multiple surfaces is extremely important when it comes to motorcycles. You have so many things to consider on a motorcycle that you do not have on a car. On a motorcycle you have paint, chrome, plastic, exposed wiring, rubber hoses, vinyl, acrylic and so many different exposed surfaces which you do not have on car.

You should choose products that are specifically formulated for your motorcycle. These products will provide you with the ability to clean, shine, and protect your motorcycle with the least amount of effort and time.

You will find, after personal experience, that using the right products makes your life so much more enjoyable.


      Sue says “That Moto-Tec Stuff is the best. Bike went from dirty to sparkling clean in 3o minutes.”

Sue and Dan Forrest, owners XtremeRider, Warm Springs, GA

“Great products to use. I used it all day yesterday and we were crankin out some beautiful bikes with very happy customers!! I highly recommend all of them to anyone who has yet to use it.”

Andrea Jones, Hiram, GA                                                                                                                                      Motorcycle Wash Tech @ Moto-Tec event

John E Mac

    “These products work amazing, washed bike after Saturday’s rain storm, and it took half the time. I won’t use any other products anymore! I’m proud to say I definitely support this Veteran-owned business.”

John E. Mac, Veteran

   “Moto-Tec Products can clean chrome better than any product I have seen. Ya”ll got to try them out.”

Kim, owner Snap Shots Sewing Services, Dallas, GA

When your motorcycle is really dirty you will want to use a product formulated for heavy dirt and debris. Some products will remove the dirt and debris without you even touching the surface. But if the product is really that aggressive, what is it doing to your paint or other surfaces? If the product just makes the dirt turn into mud and it does not have a releasing agent in it, what happens to your paint as you wipe or rinse your paint?

Magic Wash

  • Works with or without water
  • Safe for all surfaces including windshields
  • Streak free rinse when used with water
  • The releasing agent dissolves bugs and lifts dirt


When your motorcycle has normal day to day bugs and road grime you want to use a product that will clean and shine at the same time.

Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes

  • Paint, Chrome, Plastic, Windshields, Face shields, helmets
  • Cleans and polishes at the same time.
  • Fast and convenient
  • Only goes where you want it
  • Beads water
  • No fingerprints


Is your bike just dusty or you want to “Bump the Shine”?  Choose a quick detailer that will give your paint a showroom shine, UV protection and “bump your chrome” to a blinding bright shine.

Shine-Up Liquid

  • Quick detailer
  • Works on paint, chrome, plastic, leather, and vinyl
  • Revives and protects your leather without making it slick
  • Spray on, wipe off, a little goes a long way.

Featured Products

Knowing you need to prevent damage, correct a bad habit, or to use a specific product formulated to give you your desired results is the beginning of your personal success. These featured products are just few of your available choices from Moto-Tec Products.

The next step in keeping your motorcycle looking like new and protecting your investment without you wasting any more of your time or energy is your willingness to make a small investment in products that will provide you with your desired results.

When you purchase the products now that you need to clean, shine, and protect your motorcycle you will have accomplished a personal goal and removed one more item from your list of to do’s.

Now is the time for you to purchase the products that will save you time, help to make your bike shine, and inspire you to ride and protect your investment.

To begin click here now. You can know our products work and your information is safe knowing we have been in business since 2003. We have been a “Best Kept Secret” but now you know about us so please tell your friends and fellow riders.

Thank you for your business and please share with us your success with comments and photos of you and/or your motorcycle after you Moto-Tec-it!

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Moto-Tec it!

veteran owned business

P.S. If you do not make the small investment today in the products you need to maintain and protect your motorcycle, you need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if not now-when?

How long will your motorcycle still look like new if you do not start today using the products formulated to do just that, just what you desire. Click here to begin your success.